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SA8 Burner control box

Saflame introduced the SA8 burner control box in the late 1970's and it remained in production until 2012. Unfortunately complete SA8 boxes are no longer produced but we still manufacture spares including the SA8 Card.
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SA8 Card
MKIII SA8 Control card
Backwards compatible with the earlier control boxes and link configurable for 110 & 230 V.
SA8 Box
SA8 Ign Tx
ASi Card
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SA8 ASi card. Fits the MKIII control box.

Used on CGE 'touchscreen' kilns
High Voltage Ignition Transformer
Available in either 110V or 230V Versions
Available Spares

SA8 Control Card
SA8 ASi card for MKIII Boxes
Ignition Transformer
Indicator Neons
Fuse Holder
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