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Krom Schroder

Saflame are a primary distributor and integrator of Krom Schroder gas control equipment and burner.

We can supply individual components or a fully configured turnkey project, or anywhere in between.

ValVario Modular valve system

Dual seat design allows for very low pressure drops
Fast Open versions
Slow Open versions
Built in pressure regulator versions
Built in zero pressure regulator versions
Built in Ratio Regulator versions
Proof of closure switch option
Internal or external pilot bypass options
Easily replaceable coil
Rapid removal flanges make maintenance easy

IC20 / IC 40 Motorised valve Actuators

The IC range of motorised valve actuators wit directly on to the current range of Krom Schroder butterfly and Linear Flow Control Valves. Adaptor kits are available to suit the older valve types making the IC actuator suitable for replacing the now obsolete GT31 actuator.

IC20 available in OPEN / CLOSE or Analogue input versions
IC40 Has OPEN /CLOSE and Analogue control as standard
IC20 Available in 7.5, 15, 30 & 60 seconds for 90 degrees
IC40 has programmable travel times
IC40 can be pre-programmed with a user defined travel profile

Flame Supervision Units

These include:-

IFS 110
IFS 132
IFD 258 (replaces the obsolete IFS 258)
BCU 370
BCU 400
BCU 570

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The Val Vario modular valve system allows complex control system to be readily assembled from standard components in to a robust and compact unit.
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