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Saflame have extensive experience in designing and manufacturing special 'one off' equipment and can provide an extremely cost effective and robust solution to your needs.

We have supplied special equipment for Research and Development and Manufacturing.

With our in depth knowledge of PLC's, SCADA, Drives and combustion engineering we are well placed to solve your problems.

Special Laboratory Experimental Combustion Rig

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A client needed a highly robust data logger for mounting underneath a Train to record traction performance. As no off the shelf unit could be located that fulfilled all the users needs Saflame designed and manufactured a custom unit and supplied the required Jumo railway approved sensors.

Rechargeable Lithium power
IP 66 sealed when in use
Sensor connectors maintain IP rating regardless of being plugged in
Up to 8 channels internally
External expansion possible
USB download
Built in Battery charger
An all in one 500kW furnace Pre-Heater to allow rapid and controlled pre-heat of an induction furnace

Single 'Crane On' unit
High Efficiency Gas Burner
Flame Supervision
Programmable Temperature Control
Remote alarm indication
Quiet variable speed fan

Data Logger
PC Controlled using GRX
3 Gas channels with individual Mass Flow control
Heated Mixing Chamber
UV Flame Supervision
Water cooled target plate
Interchangeble Nozzles
Automatic Ignition

Furnace Pre Heater